Analytics. Warranties. Maintenance. That’s just the beginning.

A partnership that creates a more efficient, effective, and budget friendly approach.

LRS Lighting Services provides large company capabilities with the quality, touch, and feel of a specialized company. Our knowledge for overall improvement of your total lighting system and attention to detail with sustainability in mind, can be confirmed in just a short conversation with us.

Advantages for you.


We understand which technology is driving your stores electrical and maintenance costs the most, analyze your data, present it in a prioritized manner, come up with a solution, process rebates, and execute an installation.

Being proactive.

Our analytical approach enables us to anticipate issues, offer preventative solutions with self-performing experts in a timely manner.


With over 30 years experience in commercial lighting, we have experienced it all. LRS welcomes your most important and challenging projects. Come witness the best total lighting solutions in the eastern United States.

Discover the power of exceptional lighting solutions.

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