Service & Warranty

Full Service Industrial Lighting Company

All Services by LRS direct employees

All brand warranty processing

Fully trained lighting and controls staff

Data Management

  • Comprehensive lighting audits, continually updated during scheduled maintenance
  • Asset tagging from:
    • Energy Projects
    • Remodel Projects
    • New Construction Projects
  • Documentation storage
    • CAD Drawings
    • Bill of material

Lighting Analytics

  • Track, report and analyze equipment failures to reduce maintenance costs
  • Rank facilities across brand (or industry standards) by service cost per square ft.
  • Identify failing technology trends in high-cost maintenance locations
  • Maximize Service Route Efficiency
  • Reduce number of non-scheduled visits
    • Service Route Inventory anticipation system
    • Use actual data and history by facility to establish best service practices by client


  • Track and quantify warranty savings
  • Properly equip trucks for a single stop repair
  • Proper vetting of non-scheduled service requests:
    • Based on client guidelines
    • Discuss deferring service to next scheduled visit
    • Often flex scheduled visit
  • Provide maintenance savings proposals based on actual service history using lighting analytics
    • Eliminate problematic and sun-setting technology

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